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Holidays & Food: A Winning Combination?

In Holidays, Victories on September 4, 2010 at 11:57 AM

BBQ Chicken on the Grill

Grilled chicken at its finest

The holiday weekend has arrived and so has college football season. Two events are heavily associated with food. The last official days of summer include BBQ, burgers and donuts (ok, maybe not donuts). But seriously, how much food will we consume this weekend? And, as a self-proclaimed “Foodie on a Mission,” I am afraid to answer the question. Can you smell the grills firing up for “Que-ing” necessities? Yes, I said “Que-ing” – my lingo for barbeque.  Can you hear the oven timers buzzing as a means to signal the food is ready? Can you see deliciousness being presented for meals across the country? I can. Oh, I can hear, smell and see it all.

In honor of this holiday and food, I’m choosing to celebrate the victories this weekend. So here they go (so far):

Friday during lunch, I chose a side order of FRUIT to go with my two mini burgers. I celebrate this victory because my mouth was telling me to choose THREE mini burgers and FRIES. Major victory #1

Friday dinner was complimented with a side salad thanks to the chef. No choice to be made. YaY me! The salad and lasagna were delish. I am counting this as victory #2.

Saturday breakfast, I took a detour down DONUT LANE. Now you understand my reference earlier in this post. Donuts are on my mind. I ate two delicious, warm, mouth-watering donuts from Krispy Kreme. I celebrate the fact that I ate two and not twelve. Yes, this counts as a victory!

My next victory will come at Walmart in a few minutes. My goal is to choose natural foods and healthy options for grilling. Today will consist of food, football and family. I plan to revel in the tastes and touches of the holiday and find non-food victories to celebrate. How will food be a part of your holiday festivities? Is food a major means of celebration – tailgate parties, holidays, reunions?

Share your thoughts  below.

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