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Dancing Shoes and Tennis Rackets

In Victories, Weight Loss on January 19, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Ok, let me first extend a sincere apology for my extended absence from this blog. It’s been longer than normal since my last post.  So, without further delay; here’s the update…

Couch to 5K Running:

My running program is on hold at the moment. The cold temperatures and a new morning schedule have put a damper on the running. I miss it dearly and look forward to picking it up again soon.

In the meantime, I’ve taken up a few new exercise options. And, for the record…I love them!!

women's jazz dance shoes

My dance shoes look exactly like this!


1. Dancing, a la Dancing with the Stars-styleI purchased four dancing lessons from Arthur Murray Dance Studio via Groupon (if you aren’t on Groupon, get there now!). My teacher, Ray, is very nice and understanding. My hope was to learn new dance moves and build up my confidence. Here’s the deal: dancing is way more intimate than I ever remembered. In three lessons, I’ve learned to Salsa, Rumba, Waltz and Tango. I really like it. I mean, I REALLY like it. I am learning to trust and to “let the man lead.” The group dance lesson was the most interesting. Dancing with three strange men [only met them at the beginning of class] was quite a challenge. I am eager to finish my last lesson this week. The next big decision is whether to CONTINUE ON.


women's tennis racket

I love my pink racket! It looks similar to this one.

2. TennisOkay, I must admit that in a former life [or maybe future life] I AM Serena Williams. In an attempt to make my “other lives” come true, I purchased tennis lessons from the Burns Park Tennis Center via Groupon (love them!). My class started this past Saturday. With my pink racket in hand and matching pink tennis balls in a bag, I arrived on time ready to go! So I thought. After the first five minutes, I realized that my name is Ramona and I’m NOT Serena. After learning how to hold the tennis racket correctly, I was ready to actually hit the ball. Yes, I’m in the Beginners Class. The first trick I learned was to say the number ONE out loud as you aim the racket to hit the ball. It works. Try it  next time. When I didn’t say “one” I was less likely to make contact with the ball. Derrick, the Tennis Instructor, explained it as hand-eye coordination. The class lasted an hour, and by the end I was hitting the ball over the net with a full swing-through and better aim (goal: keep the ball in the right court).


Find great deals with

As you can see, Groupon has made a positive impact on my life. In addition to the purchases mentioned above, I recently bought four Boot Camp Fitness classes at D1 Fitness in Little Rock. Each day I open my Groupon email with utter anticipation of the great deals that await. Each Groupon purchase is discounted by at least 50%.

As I close, I would like to say that I’ve conquered my weight loss plateau. In the last month I’ve lost EIGHT POUNDS. And, since I’ve started the blog I’m down 10 pounds. Eating more fruit and portion control is helping. Thanks to Weight Watchers Points Plus program.

“What fun fitness ideas have you tried to stay active? Share your thoughts below.”


I will post more often. I promise!

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