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The OtterBox Defender Series Case=Life Saver

In Victories on January 23, 2011 at 11:48 PM

OtterBox Defender Series

Thursday night the OtterBox Defender case saved my life…and my iPhone4. I’m the newest believer in the power of a strong, protective case for your phone. I will continue to invest in the Otter Box line of products.

Here’s my story:
Dinner with friends at Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro.
They have the best cheese dip EVER! Yes, we had french fries also.
It was a cold night.
Gave friends a mini-tour of La Petite Roche, included the Quapaw Quarter & Governor’s Mansion.
Dropped friends off at their car for their return trip to Memphis.
Reached for my precious phone to make a call.
Reached FURTHER for my phone!
Cue dramatic music and sound effects.
My phone was M.I.A.
And, I was almost D.O.A.
Frantic search of my car on the side of Second Street.
A panic attack slowly walked into my life.
Nervous twitches began. My blood pressure began to rise. NO BUENO!
Retraced my steps by returning to my parking area at the restaurant.
Found my phone face down under the car who took my original parking spot.
Thanks goodness for the reflective Apple logo.
Phone works!! Can’t believe it’s in working order.
Normal breathing and blood pressure returned.

All hail to the OtterBox Defender Case as I’m absolutely certain my phone was driven over TWICE. Once by me as I left the parking spot and secondly by the car who parked there next! After an immediate trip to Best Buy to invest in a new Otter Box case, all is well in the world, I mean my world!!

OtterBox Defender Case

My OtterBox Defender Case looks just like this!

Please understand that losing my phone would have been very traumatic. It’s a major part of my personal and professional life. I’m sure I would have survived the alternative scenario, but not without difficulty.

“How would you react after suddenly losing your phone with no clue where to find it?”

What do you think?

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