Mona Collins

Boot Camp, Week One

In Weight Loss on July 2, 2011 at 5:42 PM

I’m at it again. I purchased a Boot Camp session through Groupon and class started Monday. Running, Crunches and Lunges…oh my! The good news is that half of the class members in this session are my friends. We made a commitment to help each other during our fitness journey. Okay…now to the good part, I mean bad part.

Working out is hard work. It’s been a while since I trained hardcore like this. Running a mile each day. Hundreds of sit-ups. Four different types of plank positions. Mountain climbers. Wall sits – hate these. As I grimace in anguish, I understand that doing this will lead to a healthier…ME!

So, here are the TOP 3 Things I’ve learned in Boot Camp THIS WEEK:

1. Running is fundamental, or should I say MOSTLY mental. We start each boot camp class by running a mile (or at least a long distance). I run, mostly walk, the route each day. I’m learning to run and I can tell that I’m out of practice. I used to do Couch to 5K three days a week. Those days are over. I’m struggling to get my mind right and put my best effort forth with running. Maybe it’s the weather. Running in 95 degrees is no joke!

2. Having the right kind of exercise mat is KEY. Can you say sore knees? I chose cheaply and purchased a thinner mat at Target. Needless to say, over the weekend I plan to invest more for a thicker mat. A bought lesson is the best lesson. My knees will thank me!

3. I used to LOVE my legs…until I had to HOLD THEM UP [during an exercise]. Legs are made to walk on and stand on. Legs were meant to hold us upright…not in Boot Camp. One exercise we tried [or did] this week involved laying on your back and holding your legs up in the air at a 90-degree angle. Simple. NOT! I grunted in agony as Instructor Bashay ever so politely said [repeatedly], “You’re just holding up your legs. That’s all.” If you don’t believe me, try it. Lay down and hold up your legs for 3 minutes.


My view at Boot Camp while doing my 100 sit-ups each day, also known as the Eastern side of the Clinton Museum

Through it all, I endured the challenges and lost a few pounds and inches. Getting in shape is mostly mental. Changing your thoughts can go a long way. I will continue to show up for boot camp with a made-up mind AND a bottle of cold water.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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