Mona Collins

Boot Camp, Week Three

In fitness, Weight Loss on July 18, 2011 at 9:35 PM

Week Three is over. This week we stepped up our fitness and incorporated weights. I also learned what “burnout” really means as it applies to an exercise. It’s not fun, but highly effective. What is it? Well, try this: do an individual exercise move once (a jumping jack); then repeat the move a second time by doing it twice. On the third count, do the move three times; and it continues on until 10. We did three cycles of burnouts. I did the math…165 cobra pushups — 3 burnouts, 55 pushups each cycle. I had no idea I was capable of doing 165 of ANYTHING!

The cobra pushup


I must admit that the cobra pushups are one of my favorite exercises. The coffin sit-up counts as a least favorite. However, Instructor Bashay seems to be in love with them. We do coffin sit-ups almost everyday. What are coffin sit-ups? Don’t ask! Another thing that happened this week — RAIN!! The rain dancing in my office and cursing the ever-looming clouds seemed to pay off just in time to cancel class that day! Make up session was Saturday morning at 6 a.m. When Bashay asked if I planned to attend the Saturday session, my honest answer was, “it depends on how much fun I have Friday night. In other words, see you on Monday!”

In other news, my “dependable” and “skinny girl” jeans are now baggy! But, I’m afraid to buy new a new pair. I don’t know why. One day soon I will break down and go shopping (for new jeans).

Talk to you next week. Two more weeks left. Sad face 😦


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