Mona Collins

Zumba, It Does the Body Good

In fitness on May 17, 2012 at 9:50 PM

Today is Thursday, and it’s time for more “Thoughts from Mona.” Many of you know that Zumba is my exercise of choice at the moment. I found a great class to attend each Tuesday night. I even found a Zumba partner. Having someone hold you accountable is the best. She checks on ( and encourages) me each week to get to class. We save a spot for each other, and we exchange crazy looks throughout the class. She’s a cool friend.

This Tuesday was particularly challenging. It was actually the toughest Zumba class I’ve experienced. I assume it was a plethora of factors that made this class more intense. However, I believe our teacher was trying to prove something to herself. The students were just there to experience this self-challenge. Despite the intensity, I arrive. I concurred. I went home to a long spa relaxation. My muscles were sore.

Each week, I have a few favorite songs that I can’t wait to hear. My Zumba playlist includes Top 40, R&B, Bollywood, Rock and Latin tunes. Below are a few of my favorites.

Beyonce-Run the World Girls

Ami Stewart-Knock On Wood

Maroon 5-Moves Like Jagger

What is on your workout playlist?

What do you think?

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