Mona Collins

Motivation Monday: If You Fail

In Thoughts on March 18, 2013 at 11:13 PM


Everyone fails. No one is perfect. Once we fail, then what? How you handle failure is as important as the failure itself. Be able to try and make it…that’s great. However, when we try and fail, that’s when the lesson is learned. We learn what we can (and can’t) do. We learn where our comfort zone ends. We also learn how to move beyond obstacles and try again. We grow as people, as professionals and as citizens of the world.

Yes, I’ve failed. I think back to a recent failure. I failed at running. I tried the Couch to 5K app program. I started off great! I would meet a coworker at 6 am three mornings each week. We ran for 30 minutes. We talked…well, she talked. I mostly listened. We made it to Week 4 with few problems. We started Week 5 and the weather turned for the worse. Running in sub-freezing conditions was not ideal. I lost motivation. Eventually, I stopped. I quit. I failed. However, within that failure I learned that I could run. I may not have enjoyed it, but it was something that I could achieve. I learned to trust my coworker, and I learned to wake up at 5:40 am! I also learned that if we fail, we can try again. I plan to start the program again this spring.

What do you think? What did you learn from your last failure?

What do you think?

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