Mona Collins

Five Minutes of Me – Volume 1, Issue 3

In Five Minutes, Health Thoughts, Thoughts on August 4, 2013 at 9:05 PM

So, here we are again. Today, I am thinking about clean eating and exercising. I know that thinking and “doing” are two different things. For me, the first step is to think about. I like to call it visualization (smile). I’m really interested in kettlebells. I actually have a set, and I’m researching workouts on YouTube and Pinterest. My favorite “Pins” right now are:

As for clean eating, I made dinner tonight. I’m learning to cook and making dinner gets me closer to being a great cook. For dinner I made my version of cilantro-lime brown rice with black beans and taco ground beef topped with pico de gallo. It was tasty!

Five Minutes of Me, Clean Eating

Cilantro-Lime Brown Rice topped with Black Beans, Taco Ground Beef, Cheese and Pico de Gallo

Tomorrow is Meatless Monday and I’m planning to make whole wheat pasta with meatless mushroom marinara sauce. I will post photos later.

“I’m trying to stop thinking & start doing!”

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