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Motivation Monday: Learn Something New

In Thoughts on November 4, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Motivation Monday: Learn Something New

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I am a strong believer that you never stop learning. You may not take formal classes or courses every year, but you are continually learning. We learn at our jobs. We learn at church. We learn from our family. I learn several things from my nephew – the latest kid shows, etc. This time last year I took a Spanish class through the Larson’s Language Center. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I’m actually considering taking the next course level in the spring…as I still have thoughts that my future husband is a native Spanish-speaker from a caribbean island (notice my mention of marriage).

At work, I’m learning something all the time. I attend webinars, seek out peer mentors and accept lessons when they come my way. Some days it’s not easy yielding to those lessons. You have to first admit that you don’t know everything. Second, you have to be open to learning something new. Third, you must do the work (learn something)!

Oftentimes, our situations teach us more about ourselves. We learn about our tolerance, our flexibility and our patience. How far is too far? What will we endure to get what we want? How much is too much? What are we willing to not compromise?

Life is a journey. On our journey we make mistakes and experience situations. Those mistakes teach us lessons.

 “What have you learned lately?”

What do you think?

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