Mona Collins

Top Five Quotes from Nelson Mandela

In Thoughts on December 9, 2013 at 9:11 PM

Last week the world lost a great leader in history. Nelson Mandela passed away. He was 95 years old, and on December 5 he earned his wings in heaven. I was familiar with Nelson Mandela and quietly watched his influence for many years. In high school, we studied Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but only briefly discussed Mandela. I knew of his time in prison and his leadership in South Africa. Recently, I was able to view several news clips and read articles about his amazing life. In my research, I found the five quotes below from Mandela. These quotes are my top quotes from him and are inspirational to me.

This above quote speaks to the soul of a person. I feel that it embodies what Mandela stood for in his life.

As the above quote explains, I strongly believe that education is the key to success. Knowledge can carry you all the way. One of my mottos is: once you stop learning you stop advancing. To learn is to live.

The quote above from Mandela speaks to his natural ability to help people see the good in each other.

The quotes above are a few of my favorites. However, there are many other quotes from Mandela that can inspire the world. As humanity prepares to celebrate the life of this great leader, it is our duty to be better, love more and change the world. That’s how Mandela lived his life. I also think it’s fitting that the “Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom” movie with Idris Elba premieres later this month. You can watch the trailer here: Long Walk to Freedom trailer.

Top Five Quotes from Nelson Mandela

“What quote from Nelson Mandela inspires you?”

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