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Talk Thursday with LaTonya

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Talk Thursday with LaTonya Richardson

This year has started off…cold! It’s been frigid in my area of the country. These are some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in years. Wind chills were far below zero earlier this week (-20 real-feel temperature). Nonetheless, I hunkered down and carried on.

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This week the Talk Thursday series continues and features LaTonya R. I started following LaTonya on Twitter when I relocated back to Central Arkansas in 2009. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a blogging conference a year (or so) later. She facilitated an informative session about building a better blog and marketing yourself. I admire LaTonya for her savvy knowledge, her experience in blogging and ability to build a blog community. I look forward to her tweets and photos on Instagram. Over the years, I’ve learned about her family, her meals (she loves to cook), her knitting and her travels (for work and fun). She’s doing great things in your local area and making an impact in the blogging world as well. Enjoy her answers are below.

1. What is your favorite food dish, and why?

My favorite dish has to be shrimp. I’ve always enjoyed it, but as a kid we had it every blue moon, and I never got enough. As an adult I’m making up for it.

Shrimp scampi is my favorite recipe. In 2013, I came across the Cheesecake Factory’s scampi recipe. It’s creamy deliciousness. My middle daughter, who shares my love for shrimp, credits this is her all-time favorite dish as well.

2. If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, which cuisine would you choose?

One cuisine for the rest of my life…that is really difficult! A few years ago I got burned out cooking the same things over and over. I started a project to seek out new dishes. Since then I’ve tried so many things. The rest of my life… I’d have to go back to what I know and that would be southern comfort food. Knowing what I know now, I can still spice it up and make it my own, and expand on what makes southern comfort food so comforting.

3. What is the best health and fitness advice you can share with the Addicted to Fries readers?

Half of what I put on my plate I don’t need. For me cutting back is key. Any movement walking, dancing, or playing burns calories. I love to dance and would rather dance over traditional exercise any day. My sugababies (godchildren and others) are the most active! After an afternoon of playing and fun, I am more exhausted than walking a 10K.

4. Currently, what is your favorite snack food?

My current favorite snack food is okra chips. Most people will turn up their noses, but it’s actually really good. I’ve bought them, as well as made them. I prefer bought okra chips, they’re crunchier. If it’s crunchy and salty, I’m all in.

5. What type of beverage best describes your personality, and why?

The beverage that best describes me, Coca Cola! Any one that knows me, or is around me for more than 30 minutes will know that Coke is my drink. I buy it, crave it, and tweet about it.

6. What was the last local (unique to your area) restaurant at which you dined, and what did you have to eat?

About 10 years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop frying. But it doesn’t stop me from eating fried chicken from time to time. For a while now, I’ve heard about Ocean’s Fish and Chicken wings. When I finally I tried it and fell in love. They have a secret seasoning they put on everything. We laugh and call it crack seasoning, because everyone I know that has had it -can’t get enough.


LaTonya Richardson - Talk Thursday InterviewLaTonya Richardson is a lifestyle blogger, with mommy blogging tendencies. She started blogging in 2009 as a way to chronicle the decade of her 40s. Since then blogging has become a way to share her life, one adventure at a time. Those adventures include cooking, exploring new places, along with the everyday madness that is her life. Simply, she’s an average woman trying not to have an average existence.

Twitter: @latonyarich

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Photo credit: Creative Commons user Kassie Mary (Coca-Cola Bottles image) and LaTonya Richardson (profile image).

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